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StudyPad™ Kid's Writing Notebook

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Learning And Writing Has Never Been This Fun

Kids nowadays are more interested in holding a smartphone than a book and pen which can be quite worrisome for a parent. If you are a parent who has these worries we would like to introduce StudyPad™. StudyPad™ is an exercise copybook rich in educational content to help kids learn and practice their handwriting. It also includes a magic pen, so when writing the ink fades away after a few minutes making it look magical in the eyes of kids, in this way they will be more engaged and interested
in using StudyPad™ making it a fun exercise for them.

Helps Give Kids Confidence In Their Writing

Sometimes kids lose confidence in their writing because it might not look good making them uninterested in writing. StudyPad™ helps kids learn how to properly hold a pen and practice writing by following the grooves on the books. This will also help develop their own style of writing because each book is designed to have different types of shapes and letters.

Comfortable And Corrects The Way Of Holding A Pen

StudyPad™ has detailed instructions on how to hold a pen, and a silicone handwriting guide is given to help children to master the method of holding a pen. During an activity, kids follow the different number, letter, and shape styles to help develop their fine motor skills to correct the posture of holding pen and writing method.

Has A Reusable Function

StudyPad™ is designed to have a reusable function. Every time children have finished a book or page the writing automatically fades away and can be reused. This function is great for repeated practice if you want your kids to master their calligraphy.

Best Gift For Kids

If you are looking for a gift for your children or grandchildren StudyPad™ is the best choice. The paper is thick and not easy to smudge and it comes with 4 different copybooks (Alphabet, Drawing, Math, and Numbers). StudyPad™ is a great gift for kids to help them build essential reading and writing skills.

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that StudyPad™ will help your kids have fun while learning and writing, that we offer a 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.  If for whatever reason you try StudyPad™ and don't love it, we'll happily offer you a full refund.

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